The Reality

Life on our planet depends on a permanent balance of energy exchange, where oil plays an important role. Without oil, aircrafts will not fly, cars could not move and boats would not be able to navigate.

Neither would we have access to every-day useful products such as polymers, nylon, plastics, paints, rubbers, including food, pharmaceutical, nutritive and cosmetics.

We live in a society whose principle energy consumption is not electrical but based on fossil fuels and we need fossil fuels to make electricity. The comfort level that oil-based technology gives us, has led us to a level of life expectancy and (over-)population far higher than those of previous centuries.

On the other hand, the current alternative energies cannot replace oil as they have significant drawbacks, such as low density, intermittency and very little storage capacity which is rather inefficient.

Consequently, CO2 emission that originate from fossil fuels cause serious health problems to humanity and have environmental consequences. Recycling, neutralising and processing CO2 emissions in an efficient way is our focus.