Carbon Dioxide

We all know that Climate-change is caused, among others, by the release of too much CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) for example from cement factories, steel mills and coal fired power plants. The accumulation of CO2, coupled with higher temperatures leads to a dangerous destabilization of the atmospheric thermodynamics (a 1ºC temperature rise corresponds to 7% of global humidity increase).

Scientific projections show that by 2040 the damage to our planet becomes irreversible if we continue to generate and accumulate CO2 at the current rate; the costs will be huge, both economic and social, and estimated to reach up to 20% of global GDP per year.

Consequently, we need to reduce or capture CO2 and neutralising it permanently. Only this way we can maintain our current way of living. The challenge is that today 87% of our energy demand is met by fossil fuel. It is not easy to find an energy source to replace fossil fuel. Current green energy solutions do not have the capacity of sequestering or neutralising CO2.

The technology of Ecofield International can stop this uncontolled growth of cumulative CO2 emissions by Capturing, Converting and Neutralizing CO2!