Our Technology

After almost 10 years of research & development an unchallenged and unique procedure has been developed. This fully IP-protected and proprietary technology is to accelerate the conversion  of CO2 into crude oil and high value products. This process is capturing more CO2 than it will be generated by the combustion of those products (CO₂ negative).

Capturing, Converting and Neutralizing CO2

Our process is using luminous energy to assimilate the CO2, which is a compound that is poor in energy and turn it into a substance with great energetic power.


There is no need for arable land or fresh water; the proposal is to build “artificial forests” and accelerate the natural process that occurred millions of years ago.

Conclusion: our technology is

  • An unique and innovative system using a patented photochemistry process.
  • Using the micro-organisms as exchanger to convert CO₂ into a high concentrated marine biomass.
  • Using sunlight and sea-water (99% recycled).
  • Producing biomass that can be processed into crude oil and High Value Products. With this procedure we capture more CO₂ than is generated which makes it beneficial and sustainable for the environment.

Working Technology

Our technology is build in socalled Ecofields. These Ecofields are built in the vicinity of producers of high concentrated CO2. The site’s size can be adjusted to accommodate available space and/or size of investments. The process can be divided into 3 phases:

Phase 1:  CO₂ Collection, transport and filtration

Phase 2:  CO₂ Conversion through an intensive photochemistry process

Phase 3:  Molecular Extraction of High Value Products