Our Technology

After almost 10 years of research & development an unchallenged and unique procedure has been developed. This fully IP-protected and proprietary technology uses single cell micro-organisms, also known as “the building block of life”, as accelerating agent in the photosynthesis process and catalyst to yield an biomass.

The Technology is:

  • A unique and innovative system that by using CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) as a resource, accelerates and industrializes the production of micro-organism (biomass).
  • Using the micro-organisms as exchanger to neutralising CO2 into a high concentrated biomass.
  • Using sunlight and sea-water (99% recycled) into
  • Is processing biomass that can be used in different markets such as: energy, nutritional, cosmetics etc.
  • Patented over 9 different patent families, worldwide.
  • Fully commercialized and ready for the global roll-out.

The technology uses Ecofields that normally are built in the vicinity of producers of high concentrated CO2, which requires a minimum site of 1 Ha. The site’s size can be adjusted to accommodate available space and/or size of investments.