The 3rd Cycle of CO2

All living things are made of Carbon (‘C’) that originates from decomposed microorganism, such as algae and plankton and which used photosynthesis to absorbed CO2, a biological process that started many millions of years ago; the 1st cycle of CO2.

Then, over the course of a few millions of years, through a natural process of pressure and heat-facilitated conversion, in the 19th century, a mix of naturally occurring organic compounds was found from within the earth and sea-bottom that contains primarily Hydrogen, Carbon and Oxygen. Much of what now refer to as petroleum. The Carbon emissions from this petroleum are now known as Global Warming, Green House Gasses (GHG) or the 2nd Cycle of CO2.

The solution Ecofield International is offering is C3N; the 3rd Cycle of CO2 and its effects are twofold:

(1) Capturing, Converting and neutralising  the CO2 and

(2) to produce  Biomass by using microorganisms.