Who are we

Ecofield International is a Netherland’s registered company with branches in Switzerland, South Africa and Asia. We are an organization that is structured around a technology that Captures, Converts and Neutralises CO2.industrially

Our mission is to apply the 3rd cycle of CO2, invented by Mr Stroiazzo-Mougin which is based on the accelerated conversion and neutralization of autotrophic CO2 in particular the CO2 that is generated by industrial emissions.

Our process is using luminous energy to assimilate the CO2, which is a compound that is poor in energy and turn it into a substance with great energetic power.One of the reactors of our technology absorbs the equivalent CO2 amount of 1 ha of a forest (e.g. 600 to 800 trees). This bio acceleration of the so called Carbon Cycle is 60 times faster compared to the natural process and at the same time is creating jobs.

There is no need for arable land or fresh water; the proposal is to build “artificial forests” and accelerate the natural process that occurred millions of years ago. Our aim is to create a world-wide network of these artificial forests