Who are we

Ecofield International B.V.  is a Netherland’s registered company with branches in Switzerland, South Africa and Asia. We are an organization that is structured around a technology that Captures, Converts and Neutralises CO2.industrially

Our mission is to decrease global CO2 emission before damage to our planet becomes irreversible without changing our way of live. Our aim is to create a world-wide network of these artificial forests

We are offering different investment options starting at €10 million for a 1 ha plant. Once your Ecofield has reached its full production capacity, thru the guaranteed sale of its biomass, the initial plant size can be expanded to several Ha without decreasing the Return of Investment time-line.

You invest in:

  • A technology that is unique, innovative and patented, worldwide;
  • A technology that is fully commercialized and ready for the global roll-out;
  • An investment entity that will yield a Return of Investment after 3-4 years.
  • A technology that covers the three main factors of our century: Energy, Environment and Economics.